Актриса Евгения Лоза для журнала OK. Прическа: Ксения Танасийчук//Paul Mitchell

DIY Glitter Roots 1. Take a hair gel, I used one from Paul Mitchel, but any basic hair gel will work. Squeeze a small amount into a tint bowl. 2. Sprinkle some glitter into the gel. Keep adding until you don't see through the gel. 3. Use a tint brush to paint onto your roots. Feather it down a bit. 4. Become a unicorn

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Глафира Тарханова для журнала "Атмосфера", октябрь-2015. Прическа: Ксения Танасийчук//Paul Mitchell

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half-up double braid #halfup #braid #double #hair #lovehair #easy #amazing

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Welcome to the evolution of ONE little MOMMA's hair. ;) I've had some requests for a round of of haircuts I've had over the years so I've combed my archives and found a pretty good representation of t

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Hairstyle for the wedding if I keep my hair short! :) Finger Wave by Lea Journo

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Pastel hair

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TWISTED TITANIUM • door @thejennshin! (2016 BTC #oneshot Finalist) behulp @fanola_usa geen gele voordat kleur & @schwarzkopfusa, @brazilianbondbuilder voor de kleur. Dit meisje is het doden van het nu! Mudda Asss. #BESCENE

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