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15 Games for Teaching History

15 Games for Teaching History -

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Esse é o CHICO! Lindo né? Criei ele para contar histórias para as crianças. Lindas histórias para mostrar o quanto Deus nos ama! Olha q...

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Ideia de dinâmica para a festinha: contar a história da arca de Noé para as crianças. Idea: tell the story of Noah's Ark for the children.

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"Правительство Финляндии планирует провести крупнейшую реформу в истории образования страны, заменив преподавание предметов преподованием тематических блоков. Главная задача реформы— избавиться от вечных вопросов «Зачем мне это знать?» и «Для чего я это учу?». С одной стороны, школьникам будет интереснее заниматься, потому что они видят конкретную пользу от знаний, которые они получают. С другой стороны, часть знаний, которые непосредственно формируют склад ума ученика, может быть…

Введение в историю Церкви - Часть 1 - Обзор источников по общей истории Церкви - Учебное пособие

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Life as an American Slave! Students navigate through 6 stations on slave life

This lesson is included in the larger United States Industrialization unit, located here:The United State Industrialization Unit!Buy the bundle and save a bundle!-----------------------In this highly-engaging centers activity, students navigate through 6 different stations, each which focuses on a different aspect of life as a slave!Students learn about slave auctions, the abolitionist movement, slave rebellions, slave punishments, general life in the United States, and the role and…

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Special Education Acronyms Every Parent Should Know - The only thing the IEP team wants is what is best for the child, and if we aren't speaking the same language, it's only hurting the child. No one wants that. Which is why it is so important that parents and teachers are on the same page when it comes to important acronyms when it comes to all things special education. Blog Post at Mrs. D's Corner.

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100 Historical Books For Kids - Part 2

Historical Books for Kids Part 2 - “Since it is so likely that (children) will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their future not brighter, but darker.” -C.S. Lewis

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Revolutionary War Mock Trial Project Based Learning Activity

Bringing history alive is very important and so much fun! In our classroom, we bring the American Revolution to the present day by putting the Sons of Liberty and the British Red Coats on trial during our classroom 'Mock Trials.' You'll love this project - it's just so amazing to see your students living out the history they've learned in their text books!

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