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Petition · Stop animal abuse. Rossii need a law on protection of animals by humans. ·

punishment for cruelty to animals !!!!

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We should end the suffering of all sentient beings. Humans and animals alike. [ ]

Only scum would look at this and see it as natural. Put wild animals back into their own habitat and let them live their lives in peace.


SPEAK OUT! Help Ban the Use of Wild Animals in USA Circuses! Countries like Great Britain have realized that making wild animals perform tricks in circuses is wrong. Now it's time the U.S. follows suit! PLZ Sign & Share!


The Bull Who Cried…

Animals are just like us.. they have feelings:(... On the contrary, animals shame us, as they have no malice, no hatred , no greed... They are pure of heart...


Jem Star Ⓥ on

remember the animals we love are no different from the ones we eat, don't eat animals, go #vegan


Sheila Quick on

URGENT bad shape kennel cough can be euthanized any time needs rescue grp 2 pull San Bernardino, CA Animal Shelter

Paws UP

Our support for animal rights has been a hallmark of our mission from day one. We stand for the rights of all animals, small, large, any size, shape or type. So whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or someone who just likes to enjoy the companionship of your favorite pet, let's all raise our Paws UP!