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Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining - it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn't solve any problems. - Zig Ziglar

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Happiness comes a lot easier when you stop complaining about your problems and you start - Famous Memorable Quote

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DEAR GOD YES! It's funny because the person I hear complain the most usually has a better life than the noncomplainers. Just because you don't hear me talk about it doesn't mean I didn't have an eating disorder, self harmed myself, was molested when I was younger then raped at 19. You don't know that my father abused me or that I'm currently STUCK in an emotionally abusive relationship. Stop complaining about having to run around doing things YOU signed up for.

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so true stop complaining and enabling others to do so! Life is too short promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate

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Stop being those people where nothing is ever enough and you want more to be satisfied. Everything we have is a blessing. Open your eyes to the beautiful life you have been given.

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The Number 1 Reason Therapy Sucks!

Positivity promotes healing and balanced thinking creates stability. Praise Jah Phil 4:6-9 - #happiness #happinessquotes

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Take the No Complaints Challenge

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Join Us for Greatist's #NoComplaintsWeek!

We all do it, but bitching about every little thing just makes us more miserable. These 7 steps...

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Minimalist Monday: Stop Complaining (Complaining is Not a Conversation)

Negative people will always try to criticize and look for flaws or things about you that they can put down

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Monday with Megan: Expressions of Gratitude!

Expressions of Gratitude by Megan Hoeppner

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