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The 3 Branches of Government Anchor Chart

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Hello Literacy: Using Infographics to Teach Informational Text

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bill becomes law flowchart worksheet | Lesson Plan: How a Bill Becomes a law (The Legislative Process)

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Branches of Government

This is a quick fun way for primary students to learn or review the three branches of government.

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My Chart - Branches of Government

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Government levels: local, state, federal

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Online game "Branch-O-Mania" - Third Grade Civic/Government Understanding. [Standard: SS3CG1 - The student will explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of a republican form of government. B. Three branches in each.] This is an educational game for students to practice what they have learned about branches of the government.

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Hands on is the best way for students to develop a deep understanding of how things work, and that's exactly what they will do with this exciting activity! Students will form the 3 branches of government and work together to propose, pass, and interpret laws for their school.

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Making Government Come Alive - Tales of a Tenacious Teacher

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Government Sort

This file is a sort for students to demonstrate the understanding of local, state, and federal government. Students are matching the leaders with the particular government that they work for. File includes Terms of Use.

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