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Признаки делимости на 9 и на 3. Правила | Учеба-Легко.РФ - крупнейший портал по учебе

ПРИЗНАКИ ДЕЛИМОСТИ ЧИСЕЛ На 2 делятся числа, оканчивающиеся на чётную цифру: 28:

Sometimes it can be useful to be able to quickly determine is divisible (meaning it can be divided evenly) by a certain number. Whether you are trying to evenly divide a set of objects among a grou...

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Divisibility Rules More

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Divisibility Rules Foldable

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This free product introduces divisibility rules (divisibility tests) with a fun-to-use poem that your students will love, followed by a worksheet in which the poetry is applied to an example. A creative and unique mathematical product, it leads into "Divisibility Rule Poetry - Worksheets, Keys, and Mastery Tests", which ensures students will learn the rules in five days or less and never forget them. This and other products are available at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Divisibility Rules poster

Divisibility Rules poster (pdf) - ZeroSum Ruler | CurrClick | or more information about the K12 International Academy / "like" us on Face Book @ and follow us on Twitter @ icadteach

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FREE divisibility rules reference page for interactive notebooks. Students shade in a hundreds chart to explain the divisibility rule.

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Not gonna lie...this is meant for 5th graders but I'm pinning it for the GRE.

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This is a FREE pdf file containing a picture of the interactive notes. There are two different practice worksheets included which require the students to use their notes. I have included a differentiated version of both the interactive notes and the practice worksheets for students with special needs. I used this with my all of my 5th graders and it was a huge success. Joy of Teaching -

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