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88 traditional boys' names that are now being used for girls

These 88 baby names were traditionally for boys, but they’re rising in popularity for baby girls, too! There are lots of creative unisex baby name ideas.

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A CUP OF JO: What are your favorite baby names?

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What Are Your Favorite Baby Names

The Most Popular Baby Names of 2015. My fave names: Caroline (not listed), Abigail, John (not listed), Michael, James

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150 Popular Middle Names For Boys

150 Beautiful, Cute, And Unique Middle Names For Boys

150 Popular Middle Names For Boys

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Ask Liann: Popular Baby Girl Name Ideas

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All of the names below have been given to at least 5 American babies per year every year since 1900, without any sharp popularity peaks that would date them. These names are all over the style map but they're all timeless, and not a James or Elizabeth in the bunch.

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With expert insight on baby name trends and what the names we choose reveal about our culture, name expert and bestselling author Laura Wattenburg has devised a "magic formula" sweet spot where timelessness meets freshness using extensive databanks of research at her site. This list has names of all backgrounds and popularity levels to suit your style.

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Popularity of names by year, United States

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Social security baby name archive