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Mural in Pompeii - Repinning because I don't get the chance to mention that I HAVE A PHD IN CLASSICS nearly enough in everyday life, lol. :P

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Mosaic detail, Pompeii

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Important archaeological finds of our time. Pompeii, the ancient Roman city, buried during a volcanic eruption in 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius exploded. It was lost for nearly 1700 years...

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Ancient Rome. Well preserved Roman house at Herculaneum - 1st Century AD Casa Sannitica

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fresco of Diana with young mortal lover

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Permanent Evidence of Life And Death in Pompeii 79 AD

pompeii - back from the dead images | an embrace that has lasted since august 79 ad

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*POMPEII, ITALY: As the body decomposed, it left an empty void in the surrounding material. The archeologists have poured plaster into these voids + the end result is a remarkable representation of the unfortunate citizen.

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Fragment of Wall-Painting ca AD 70-79 - House of the Vestals Pompeii (Italy)

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Pompeii (Campania, Italy), House of the priest Amandus (Casa del Sacerdos Amandus, I, 7, 7), triclinium, centre mural of the left side wall (3rd Style, c. 40 AD)

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