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lay a mirror down , take a hammer to it , pour polyurethane over .crazyazz floor!

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this is cool … Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over - Amazing bathroom floor - or could do for a desk top.. or coffee table..WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS

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13 Amazing Ideas How to Reuse Your Broken Mirror

shattered+mirror+floor | 13 Amazing Ideas How to Reuse Your Broken Mirror | Daily source for ...

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Sunset photos taken through broken glass create a beautiful new perspective


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Created by re-purposing an old end table and a broken mirror. Painted and tiled with thin-set and grout just like tiles on the floor.

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Ele quebra espelhos, tira foto e chama de arte - e não é que fica bonito!

Ele quebra espelhos, tira foto e chama de arte – e não é que fica bonito!

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So you've broken a mirror...a very large, floor length mirror. Turn your luck around and use the pieces to create a wall mosaic in your bathroom. Use industrial strength adhesive to attach pieces onto the wall and finish with unsanded grout to fill in the spaces between

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Broken Mirror Hallway - photographs and stories... . Wendy Kathleen Rogers

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Broken mirror DIY

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I'm torn between loving this and feeling sorry for the janitorial staff.

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DIY Wood Framed Mirror

Lately, I’ve found the need for a full length mirror in our bathroom. I’m always getting dressed, wondering how it all looks “put together”, so I finally decided it was time to change that thought process. Our master bathroom itself needs a bit of work… it’s still painted that bright blue, and I am so {read more...}

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Mosaic mirror,interesting. Maybe a smaller version with a round mirror and different size circles....

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Bathroom Mosaic Designing the bathroom was a time-intensive process that took Karalla three months of 18-hour days. "The bathroom is all recycled glass, it’s a mosaic of glass," she says. "It ends up saving the manufacturer money because they would have to pay to dispose the mirror, because it’s damaged or cracked, so I would go over and just pick up sheets of damaged mirror and cut them up." Karalla estimates that the materials for the project, the recylced mirrors, sheet rock, glue, and…

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Lab LZ by GT Features Mind Blowing Broken Mirrored Glass Floors

Lightning Rod (Broken Mirrors) by Vaughn R. Demont. Always stand. Never fall. Broken Mirrors , Book 2 If I could offer one piece of advice now, as I fall past the eighty-fourth floor of Victory Tower, with the sky above me the swirling eye of a crimson hurricane, the blade of a goddess stuck in my thigh, and a man I used to love preparing to end the world, it would be this: Magic is not the answer to your problems. Sorcerers have always been feared in the City, their origins as...

She didn't know she'd dropped it as she fled. But he knew. He saw, and he hurt for her as he gazed on the relic which seemed to him to hold so much of her. How fitting that it was now cracked and broken.

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humm never thought of mirror mosaic in garden paths--- ooohh. pretty mosaic path with mirrory sparkles.

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Shattered Mirror Wall Art Broken mirror art: decor ideas

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Gorgeous Mirror DIY Ideas

broken mirrored ceiling

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Lab LZ by GT Features Mind Blowing Broken Mirrored Glass Floors

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