Алексей Михайлович (Тишайший), Царь и Великий князь всея Руси. 1645-1676.  Русско-польская война 1654-1667.   М1:14.
Раненный самурай, Япония, XVI век. РВ716, М1:30.
The guards of the Kolomna Kremlin in the town of Kolomna near Moscow, Russia. This large fortress was build in 1525 – 1531. The guards are armed and uniformed as Russian warriors of the 16-th century. #medieval #Russian #history
This is where Sean's knight outfit needs to be, minus the helmet! LOVE the green.
Painting, late Kievan/Appanage or early Muscovite (originally attributed as Ivan Grozny, so 16th C)
Рюрик на памятнике «Тысячелетие России» в Великом Новгороде-Rurik on the monument "Millennium of Russia" in Veliky Novgorod
Viking warriors
Русский витязь, XIV век.  РВ602,  М1:30 (54 мм).
Battle of Vercellae; The Battle of Vercellae, or Battle of the Raudine Plain, in 101 BC was the Roman victory of Consul Gaius Marius over the invading Germanic Cimbri tribe near the settlement of Verc
Alexander Nevsky with mirror armour. Artists view of the The Battle On The Ice , 1242 AD
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Warrior Of Ancient Russia. 11th century. Земля Вятичей (06.08.2016) | 247 фотографий
Mongol Elite Warrior by *HappyMorningStar