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What Is Your Biggest Turn On And Off? What Qualities Are A MUST!

cheating is a punk ass escape from dealing with the reality of a relationship.

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It's a strange thing, calling someone "jealous" because you cheated on them, "bitter" because you abused them, and "crazy" because they caught on to your lies.

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25 Ways of Getting Revenge On Your Cheating Boyfriend So sad and true! Some people just point the finger elsewhere and deny the fact that they are just as wrong. I admitted my faults and said I was sorry, but they just keep finding more shit to add!!!

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Oh you got caught cheating

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Prolly should check shit out! Your no different! Pretty sure I let you know that princess!!

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So who does he really love?? Sure isn't you. He made his decision and like i knew he would he chose me.

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You're not sorry for hurting me ... you're sorry you got caught. #cheaters #liars #relationships My FB page:

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10 Caught Cheating Text Messages You Will Laugh At

10 Caught Cheating Text Messages

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Ex(cheateri cant belive you cheated on me with that whore your just like a penny | how?? | your two faced | always found on the streets | and go in every ones pants | damm i want you back

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