Sheep | Tree Guardians by Threadweavle

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still life fish photography by hiroshi iwasaki via designboom

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Миорелаксанты используемые в лечении остеохондроза Современная медицина в своем арсенале имеет большое количество методов, помогающих облегчить боль, снять воспаление и восстановить позвоночный столб при остеохондрозе позвоночника. Среди средств, применяемых в лечении остеохондроза, наибольшую популярность приобрели НПВП, хондропротекторы, кортикостероиды. Иногда болезнь находится в запущенной стадии и прием каких-либо препаратов в лечении остеохондроза невозможен из-за сильного болевого…

Polar bear diving into frozen water [Oso polar echándose un clavado en el agua helada].

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Porcupine. While going through survival training before I went to Viet Nam I had an "encounter" with one of these fellows. It was an interesting recovery for me. :-)

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Portrait of the Hairy Frogfish. Lembeh, Indonesia by Selmeczi Daniel: Hairy Frogfish (Antennarius striatus) are found in subtropical oceans and are also found in weedy estuaries along the east coast of southern Africa. Frogfish do not swim in the conventional way; instead, they “walk” on their pectoral fins or use ‘jet propulsion’. #Frogfish

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Moby Dick by Rachel Wong

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Two small Bull Elk. Can't wait to go on an Elk hunt one of these days :) I wonder if you the same adrenaline rush shooting a big bull as shooting a whitetail buck... I'll let ya know when I find out!!

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Fish Texture, via Flickr.

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Moby Dick or the Great Whale by LieselJane on etsy

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