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You don't know shit about our life so stop saying that we are fucking our cousins !!!!Stop playing games and grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!! We could play this back-and-forth game all day but we're grown so grow up!!!!

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Will you just grow up already & act your damn age?!?!!

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3strikes you're out, grow up already! Check yourself before you wreck yourself and the relationships you have left.:

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Tired of people playing the victim all the damn time! Grow up and learn to accept responsibility for your own actions!

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Yes! Stop looking for a handout and take care of your grown ass self! Ugh! Some people!

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BIIINNNGGGGOOOO!!! her actions reminded me this morning... seriously GROW UP ALREADY!!!

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I use to know one of these people. They bleed you dry then accuse you of being hard work.

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Yeap now grow up already More

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Yes, immature people who "stew" instead of talking thru things with others! They need to grow up and be an example for their children, who are already bullies!!!

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“Stay away from people who gossip and spread rumors. They are choosing the path of emotional bullying and negativity.”

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