You don't know shit about our life so stop saying that we are fucking our cousins !!!!Stop playing games and grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!! We could play this back-and-forth game all day but we're grown so grow up!!!!

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And set an EXAMPLE!! I am not a fan of cursing publicly but hell yes I love the bluntness of this!!

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There are some adults that still just don't get it and feel the need to play childish games . After all these years they still can't get over the nonsence of the past and have to bring up old bullshit!! Grow the fuck up already and get a fucking life!! You've been preaching that for years now. How about you follow your own advice!!!

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Yip. .. grow up already!

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Will you just grow up already & act your damn age?!?!!

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Grow Up, Already | RedState

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Yes, immature people who "stew" instead of talking thru things with others! They need to grow up and be an example for their children, who are already bullies!!!

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“Stay away from people who gossip and spread rumors. They are choosing the path of emotional bullying and negativity.”

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Grow Up Already Quotes | Pinned by Tracee Ellis Ross

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The Most Beautiful Twin Cats Growing Up

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