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Это жесть, Приора тащит камаз. Говорят плохая машина

Цитаты великих рекламистов

Enra, a Japanese troupe attempting to combine dance, technology, and light into unforgettable pieces of performance art.

из ScienceDaily

Learning to turn down your amygdala can modify your emotions

Training the brain to treat itself is a promising therapy for traumatic stress. The training uses an auditory or visual signal that corresponds to the activity of a particular brain region, called neurofeedback, which can guide people to regulate their own brain activity, say scientists.

из CNN

Trump's comments on Islam are frightening (Opinion) -

Donald Trump's rhetoric is dangerous; "I think Islam hates us". Poignant quote from article: "Muslims around the world, like all people around the world, matter. They don't matter because they approve or disapprove of our policies. They matter because they're human beings. They're no better than us or worse than us except by what they do. Or what we do. But that level of compassion seems to be in short supply."