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We have studied the sexiness of PCap in season 8 of Doctor Who and have concluded that indeed he has become sexier (once again I am bias because I think he has been sexy for a long time) So let us...

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I can imagine him saying "Well..." <3 Love Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor, one of the best I do believe.

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Can't wait to get to this season. Stupid Netflix :(

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Peter Capaldi looking fierce.

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He has a wardrobe full of t shirts with skulls, bones and skeletons on them!!

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There are only a handful of really good TV programmes, and I'm blessed to be in one of them. Peter Capaldi

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Peter Capaldi knew he was in New York the minute he stepped out of a classic yellow cab that drove him to the premiere of Doctor Who. "Someone just shouted at me from the crowd, 'The first Italian Doctor"" he said, laughing.

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Dang! To hell with that . . . DOUBLE DANG!!

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