You know what guys? Anniversaries aren’t talked about nearly enough here on the 100lc blog. But...

First anniversary gift ideas (100 Layer Cake)

This is such a cute idea for the traditional first anniversary theme "Paper"!  -  First Dance Song Lyrics Frame
1 year anniversary,  traditional gift is paper. Lyrics to first dance song written on the mug then baked for 30 min at 350° easy to make and hubby loved it
The traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary is paper. This framed customized recycled map initials is the perfect gift! For this example, I made

Boyfriend Gift First Anniversary Gift Map Initials Framed

The year following your wedding is a year full of firsts. Your 1st wedding anniversary is the year to establish all of your anniversary tradition for the years to come. Here are 5 suggestions that we established!
Soundwave Print, Paper Anniversary Gift, Wedding Vows, 'I Do' Keepsake, Personalized First Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift For Couple, Art by JandoDesign on Etsy

I Do Wedding Vow Soundwave Print His & Hers Sound Wave Art Paper Anniversary Gift Keepsake First Anniversary Gift Wedding Gift For Couple

My 1st Anniversary gift to my husband. First anniversary gift of paper.
First Anniversary Gifts -There are many more first anniversary paper gifts that will reflect your love for each other
My surprise for my husband- The first anniversary gift is paper- each paper bag has a time written on it that represents a date of a special memory from the last year.  Inside each bag is a little note and a gift that represents that date and memory and my husband  is to open each bag at the designated time.