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These lovely Parson Russell Terrier prints display the common characteristics of a Parson Russell Terrier in a range of complimentary typefaces

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It may be similar to the Jack Russell Terrier, but the Parson Russell Terrier is a breed all its own. In fact, it was distinguished as its own breed in 2003. But while the name is different, the essential look, temperament, and genuine qualities inherent to this breed have not been shaken in the slightest. [...]


Parson Russell Terrier - require vigorous exercise in order to prevent them from becoming bored and potentially destructive in the home. They can be suited to live with children but as they have a typical Terrier temperament, they will not tolerate rough handling.exuberant, playful and affectionateThey can be playful with other dogs, and get along with horses

parson russell terrier info | Parson Russell Terrier Dog Breed Information


parson russell terrier info | Parson Russell Terrier dog breed information


Left Profile - A white with black Parson Russell Terrier dog is standing on a concrete surface and behind it is a person kneeling down and holding its red and gray collar.