This actually looks amazing!  Parachute Wedding Decor - Amber DeForest Uses Canopies for Interior Design (VIDEO)

Parachute Wedding Decor

Vintage Military 100 Foot Parachute Tent Wedding or by TheLeisureSuit, $500.00

HOLD FOR REBECCA: Vintage Military 100 Foot Parachute-Wedding or Event Fabric

The Hope Diamond!! In a brand new setting and at the Smithsonian Museum in D.C.!!
A nylon parachute that saved a World War II paratroopers life was later made into his wife's wedding dress.
Clara Keith Fitchett married David R. Ketelhut on May 31, 1944, Hampton, VA, in her parachute silk wedding dress.
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Parachute ceiling! (This #bride rented a parachute for only $35! #Wedding genius.) (Credits: photo from savetheideas [tumblr])
The name of our tent, Parachute, was retroactive to its design and came out of its resemblance .On the outside the tent will be covered by a milky fabric used originally as winter camouflage and having the property to create a pleasant sun shade. This is the perfect party tent for your wedding, graduation, church function, or other event. This Hot Buy includes the complete tent and pole kit.  Whether you call it a party tent, canopy tent, event tent, wedding tent, or gazebo
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Oh my I used to love this parachute when I was in elementary school I so want this!