Очистка потолочных вентиляторов

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How to dust a ceiling fan and contain the mess.
How to clean ceiling fans with NO MESS!!! This blog walks you through it.
CLEAN THE WINDOW BLINDS Cleaning window blinds thoroughly is always a problem because it never gets properly clean.....  This process ensures complete and easier cleanliness.

10 Excellent Spring Cleaning Hacks - Page 3 of 11

Discover the Correct Fan Direction for Max Comfort and Savings http://www.delmarfans.com/educate/basics/what-is-the-proper-ceiling-fan-direction/

What is the Proper Ceiling Fan Direction?

Secret Cleaning Tips From the Pros | The Family Handyman. Wrap a dryer sheet around an extendable paint roller to dust hard to reach spots.

Secret Cleaning Tips From the Pros

6 Easy Cleaning Ceiling Fans Tips that will help you clean those ceiling fans.

6 Easy Cleaning Ceiling Fans Tips

Cleaning your ceiling fan has got to be one of the most annoying household tasks! Discover a MUCH easier way to do it!

How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan in Seconds

Great listing of monthly deep cleaning.  I think I would swap July and August though so I could start the really hot days of summer with clean ceiling fans.

12 Month Cleaning Schedule - Garage

cleaning your ceiling fan

How to Clean Your Ceiling Fan in Seconds

To clean your ceiling fans, wrap a dryer sheet around a clean paint roller and secure with rubber bands. Attach your extension handle and roll across the top and bottom of each fan blade. Use a lint roller to clean lamp shades. (I do this all the time…works so much better than the vacuum...Read More »