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2 cycles of 50/50 water & vinegar mixture. Wash the pot in soapy water. 2 cycles of just water, use fresh water each time.

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Coffee pot running slow? Clean it! Brew 2 cups of white vinegar in your coffee pot - run it through 2 times. The white vinegar will dissolve any mineral buildup and get your coffee pot working like new. One the vinegar has run through, run a 10-12 cup cycle of cold water through the machine at least 2 times. I run it until I can't smell vinegar :). That's it! Wipe the outside of the machine and allow it to air dry. #cleanmamaquicktips #coffee #clean

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How To Clean a Stainless Coffee Pot

How to clean your stainless coffee pot - the easy way with NO scrubbing!

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Easily Remove the stains from your coffee pot! Fill with the juice of 1 lemon, ice, drop of dawn, salt, and a splash of vinegar and water. Let sit in the sink all day while at work or running errands, rinse well and wipe the inside clean. Looks brand new!!!

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Silver tea pot Source : Google

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Tea pot

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percolator coffee pot.... Hands down....still makes the best coffee :)

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Snowman teapot

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How to Distill Oil Using a Coffee Pot

Traditional stove-top coffee pots contain an internal structure that makes distilling liquids easy.

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