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World Vision's yearly gift giving catalog provides new and fun ideas to give to those on your Christmas list and still help those that are truly in need. I’ve listed a few wonderful gift giving ideas for you below, and my purchasing Maximum Impact items you actually giving two gifts at once. One to those you know personally and another for those that need our help and prayers.

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LOVE World Vision. They make helping people so easy and they help so many.

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Improving Child's Nutrition Zambia: The positive deviance approach was used to identify the uncommon practices of the mothers who feed their children with round food such as eggs, pumpkins, mangos and avocados (which people mistakenly seen as not a good food given to children). As a result, five countries that World Vision Canada implemented the project, malnutrition in children under the age of 5 decreased by 22% over 2 months.

Adviento por los Derechos de los Niños – Tercera vela | World Vision International

World Vision International shuts down its Gaza project and lays off 120 Gaza employees, at least temporarily, after project head indictment shows millions redirected to Hamas.

World Vision International - History Bob Pierce Founder

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América Latina y el Caribe | World Vision International

World Vision-sponsor a child, provide a micro-loan for a businessperson in another country or help feed families in the U.S.

América Latina y el Caribe | World Vision International

25 Charitable Gifts to Help Make the World a Better Place

World Vision International: The Charitable Gift Guide -