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Рельеф с изображением Кернунна из Музея средневековья Клюни, в Париже, установлено было на столбе, посященном императору Тиберию и Юпитеру Кернунн кельтское божество с рогами. Кернунн изображался сидящим в т. н. «буддийской» позе с оленем и быком у ног, иногда и сам обладал оленьими рогами. Иногда изображался держащим в одной руке змею, другой рукой подносящим торквес (ожерелье) оленю.

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Russian costume

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Zigurat de Ur, foto satelital, descubierto en 1919 por James Breasted

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Базар в селе Бор Семеновского уезда Нижегородской губернии. Дмитриев Максим Петрович, 1894 г.

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Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History 850-1100AD

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Upper Palaeolithic burial 24,000 yrs old with skull cap made from hundreds of snail shells, Arene Candide, Italy.

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Description on how to tie legwrapping to keep it from slipping down.

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Pompeii graffiti

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Slavic wooden idol was found in the river Drissa and it represents God Perun or God Veles. Idol is pre-dated to 12th century. (

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Venere di Hohle Fels - 40000-35000 anni fa - avorio di mammut scolpito a tutto tondo - dalla caverna di Hohle Fels, Germania - Museo di Blaubeuren, Germania. #MR

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Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi. - Н.Шабунин. Путешествие по северу. 1906 год. Том IV.

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A Terracotta Figure of Isis–Aphrodite, Roman period, 2nd–3rd century AD

A Terracotta Figure of Isis–Aphrodite, Roman period, 2nd–3rd century A | Sands of Time Ancient Art

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Google Image Result for

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Raskol (meaning "split" or "schism") was the event of splitting of the Russian Orthodox Church into an official church and the Old Believers movement in mid-17th century, triggered by the reforms of Patriarch Nikon in 1653, aiming to establish uniformity between the Greek and Russian church practices. So what was changed for believers?

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Taken between September 26 and October 12, 1932. Photo: LoC/tehrkot media

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Древнее и средневековое Междуречье на фотографиях. - a_karelia

Late Minoan bull's head rhyton from the Little Palace at Knossos. c. 1500-1450 BC. Steatite and Limestone with Rock Crystal.

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Hedgehog Middle Kingdom, XII-XIII Dynasty, 1938-1700 B.C.E. Egypt Now located in the Brooklyn Museum When food is scarce, hedgehogs retreat into underground dens for long periods, only to re-emerge in times of abundance. The Egyptians associated this behavior with rebirth and thus wore amulets in the form of hedgehogs or left figures such as this one in tombs.

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From Hacilar in Western Turkey. A small globular pot with a neck and two small lugs. The dark red-brown slip painting and especially the double spiral may represent a human female figure. The spiral symbol is often associated with the breast, milk and drink.

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Maski z Opola // ancient Slavic ritual masks unearthed in Opole, Poland.

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Археологический музей в Измире. Амфора с фригийскими оленями, 7 в. до н.э.

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The oldest known portrait, 26,000 years old

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Design Toscano Sekhmet Goddess of the Egyptian Realm Figurine

Sekhmet Goddess of the Egyptian Realm Figurine

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King Tut’s tomb opened in color (21 HQ Photos)

Tutankhamun's tomb, 1922 (colourised)

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