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Werewolf feasting, work in progress. It's 4:30 in the morning. I can't sleep. So I'm working on my creator owned book, Skybourne. In this scene, all the creatures are out of their cages and things get serious. It's like Bruce Lee's Game of Death. Our hero has to go floor by floor and battle all the monsters and creatures. On this level is a very hungry werewolf. #frankchoartist #skybourne #boomstudios #boomcomics #werewolf #monsters #horror

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Damn... that's a big effin' werewolf @_@

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< Werewolf > REVAN-NEST ; Pixiv

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Lycan Anatomy01 by RedWolfmoon on DeviantArt

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Fenrix is lunar eclipse wolf. He is a death wolf and old Omega of the pack. He is expelled.

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The will see just how much of an animal i can be

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Peaseblossom - New Ability: Half Form by PookaWitch on DeviantArt

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