#Shadowhunters #TheInfernalDevices #TID #FanArt И это породило новый проект, в котором герои TMI, TID, TDA, TLH воплотят эти грехи и добродетели. Нейт (Натаниель Грей), олицетворяющий жадность, т.к. из-за жадности к деньгам и власти он попал в неприятности, в конце к

Freelance artist Nate Hallinan has created The Order of X, a fantastic series of illustrations that reimagine mutant superheroes from the X-Men as medieval characters. Prints are available to purchase online from INPRNT.

Sinister, an underling of the High Lord Apocalypse, artificially created Nate from genetic material from Cyclops and Jean Grey. Sinister created Nate as the ultimate telepath and telekinetic, and hoped to use him in his own bid for power against Apocalypse. Nate aged to his teens rapidly. Cyclops, in his many subversive raids on Sinister's pens, helped Nate escape Sinister's hideout with neither man knowing his connection to the other. Nate wound up under the tutelage of Forge and several...

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X-Man - Marvel Comics - Nate Grey - Shaman. From http://www.writeups.org/fiche.php?id=3209 .

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Nate Grey, X-Man

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- ◦ Psylocke ◦ Like a Butterfly: We Are The X-Men: Vampiric Jubilee & Nate Grey

X-Man by Jorge Molina

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Nate Grey is a young, almost parinoid teen-ager who came to this world from the Age Of Apocalypse. In AOA, Nate was bred from tissue samples of Jean Grey and Cyclops. Nate is around 19 years old, but his real age is hard to tell, as Mr. Sinister accelerated his growth. Nate is a much stronger psi than Nathan, as his power is unchecked by the T-O Virus. The only problem with this is that if he uses his power to the fullest, it will kill him by the time that he turns 21.

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