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The vet said the anti scratch cone would be $50.00. Tractor Supply had it for $19.95

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These 8 Dog and Cat Owners Just Did Something Awesome With The Cone of Shame

Hello there good sir!

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No more cone (lets be honest, we hate it as much or more than the dog does). Fold a towel up and tape it around the dogs neck like a cervical collar - no more licking!

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I feel bad for the doggie but it takes cone of shame to the level of awesomeness.

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DIY Ecollar. A comfy and inexpensive solution to 'the cone of shame'. A towel and duct tape will do it. Dont get it too tight lol!

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If your dog has a wounded leg use a sock to make a bandage so she can't lick it

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All Four Paws Comfy Dog Cone

All Four Paws Comfy Dog Cone - Keep Doggie Safe More

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And you thought the cone of shame couldn't get any worse...

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22 Hilarious ‘Cone Of Shame’ Makeovers That Your Pet Will Hate Even More.

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How to Make Dog Cones

Creating a homemade dog cone can save you money.

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