This is my face whenever someone comes to my door and asks me if I have time to talk about Jesus...

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bahahahaha! i constantly do one liners from nacho libre at work, but my work mates havent seen the movie so the incredible humor is lost on them :(

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Nacho Libre. It's the best.

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We never win because you are fat

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I need to borrow some sweats!!! loll.

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What I say when someone tells me they don't like Nacho Libre. The way he talks and his expressions are hilarious.

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Nacho libre. Humor We are fighting againt Satan's cavemen tonight and I thought it might be a good idea if you Praise the Lord! hahahahaha

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Nacho libre

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Nacho libre!! omg @Maeve Knickerbocker Buganski & @Teresa Selberg queens ignaccio where are your robes?!?!?!?!

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Nacho Libre, a simple salad :)

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