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When you bring home a new phal, it’s best to take it out of the pot right away, remove any potting medium that’s stuck to the roots, and take a look at them. If you find any rotten roots, make sure to trim them away with a sterilized cutting tool (a razor blade or gardening shears will do the trick)

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..Re-potting orchids - a tutorial

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Transplanting And Repotting Orchids

Some important tips for Repotting Orchids. When taking care of orchids you have to repot your orchid plants carefully.

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Orchid care : How to Avoid Orchid Root and Crown Rot in Phalaenopsis orchid

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Orchid Care for Discolored Leaves Reddish or discolored leaves at the bottom of the plant (the oldest leaves) are most likely a natural process by the plant to discard mature leaves and produce new ones.

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Trimming Orchid Spikes: A How-To Guide

What is a way I can assist in the reblooming process? Here we have tips on trimming your orchid spikes.

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Rot Root Cleaning in Orchids in Full Water Culture - YouTube

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How to Trigger Reblooming of Your Orchid

Encourage orchid reblooming - move to a cooler location(55-65 degrees) & start fertilizing 20-20-20- & it should rebloom in 6-9 months after you move it back to its normal warmer location.....

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For orchids to grow best, they need the right pot - Gardening Prof

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