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Prison officer cupcakes

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Sing Sing Prison Officer Badge, Ossining, NY. Located about 30 miles north of New York City on the east bank of the Hudson River.

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Corrections Officers. I love mine and he puts up with a lot of crap from inmates every single day

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Tumblr. Funny. He did everything.

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Video and Infographic | Ending the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Track

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Finest Women Become Prison Officers-Awesome Prison Officer-" Special Tee For Prison Officer-_ Wear this tee with pride "

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The March of German prisoners. Soviet officers lead the German senior officers.

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One of the most brutal and cruel SS prison guards Gerhard Palitzsch (July 17, 1913 - December 7, 1944), was a German SS non-commissioned officer, notorious for his activities in Auschwitz concentration camp.

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He was a Correctional Officer for many years!

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Elizabeth Burgin was an American patriot during the Revolutionary War. Burgin brought food to prisoners of war housed on British prison ships in New York Harbour. She was credited with helping over 200 of these prisoners to escape the ships in 1778. The British offered £200 (at the time equivalent to about 20 years' pay for a British soldier) for her capture. She was not apprehended, but most of her possessions were confiscated and sold.[1] She was later awarded a pension by the Continental…

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