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Simple Chore Jars for Kids

Get your kids cleaning with these Simple Chore Jars for Kids - Our Three Peas

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Simple Chore and Reward System: As children complete chores, they move the chore stick to the ‘done’ jar and place a marble from the ‘Good Deeds Marble’ jar into the ‘Rewards’ jar. Once the ‘Rewards’ jar is full, celebrate your children’s good deeds with a new toy, a special meal, day trip to a favorite spot, or any other favorite activity. Additional marbles can be added for good behavior, good deeds, on any time children make a special effort to be helpful or well-behaved.

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Simple Chore and Reward System Your Kids Will Love + Free Printables

I'm not sure if I will modify this or not.... But either way this is supper smart! Organizing, cleaning, and rewarding!!

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What an awesome idea!! Saving this for when baby girl is older and wanting screen time.

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Consequence Jar with Free Printable Consequences

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Good idea...have some reward at the end of the going somewhere fun or out to eat - winner picks.

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The stylish DIY chore chart will look great in your home and help distribute chores—better yet—responsibility. What you need: Wooden Plaque with Mason Jars, Hand Made Modern Wooden Letters and Paint, glue, paintbrushes, wooden sticks, Washi tape and a chalkboard marker. It’s the perfect way to make parents happy and kids a bit less bummed about doing chores.

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The Get Along Jar

The Get Along Jar: 25 Ideas to Help Reduce Sibling Squabbles

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How to Make Chores Fun - 10+ Super Easy DIY Chore Charts for Kids

Don't know how to get your kids to do their chores? Try one of these DIY chore charts and come up with a reward system! You'll be surprised with the effect!

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Tired of fighting with your kids over chores? Check out this simple DIY chore system for kids that works so well, they may even beg you for more things to do! No fancy stuff or DIY-talent required, “Chore Sticks” is easy peasy to set up. Plus get your free printable chart here too!

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