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The Golden Eagle Hunters of Mongolia. these are very large birds...are they thunderbirds?

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Beautiful design

Beautiful design

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felt horse cover w/sucker. Good for school favor for birthday hand outs, then kid's have a finger puppet for later.

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Коготь Therizinosaurus (Теризинозавр), мел, Монголия

Horse Decorative Mobile in Purple, Lavender, White, Gray and Teal Green

Horse Decorative Mobile in Purple, Lavender, White, Teal and Gray by whimsicalaccents on Etsy. Perfect for your nursery or toddler's bedroom.

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EASTERN/Mongol/ Parts of a Mongolian Ger: (1) collapsible latticework walls (2) straight roof planks (3) smoke hole (4) felt or wool covering (5) central fireplace (6) central support poles (7) fireplace stand (8) large iron pot (9) "dombo"- tall wooden container for tea (10) stools (11) "chagata"- rope braided between the uni and resembling lamb intestines, is a symbol of wealth and prosperity (12) small bag of grain and wool tufts as a sacrifice to the guardian spirit of the hearth.

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Carboard Crafting a Hobby Horse

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Golden Horde Tatar warrior

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Прекрасная и шокирующая Монголия 100 лет назад - Новости Монголии, Бурятии, Калмыкии, Тывы

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So many paper models - free to print! Horse Paper Model - Free Paper Toys and Models at

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