Linking Quadratics to Rectangle Area

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My students really seemed to enjoy this introduction to factoring Prezi. It helped that I had just learned how to use my iphone as a clicker so that I could walk around the room advancing to the next slide while standing anywhere. I felt super cool being able to do this, by the way:) And I was able to keep everyone on task and engaged not being glued to my computer.

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Hands-On Math Projects With Real-life Applications: Grades 6-12

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Ti-84 Cut out for students to use in their interactive notebook.

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Anchor Chart for Algebra II EOC Review on Parent Functions and Transformation ... made by Aubrey Wright and Evan Payne (April 2013).

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How I Teach the Midpoint and Distance Fomula

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Solving logarithmic equation War... cards included. Each student gets 18 cards. Work the problem. Highest answer wins.

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Factoring Trinomials (a = 1) Cut & Paste Activity The student is given 3 different question paths and 24 rectangles to cut out. The top of the rectangle has the answer to the factoring question and the bottom of the rectangle contains the next trinomial to factor. There are 6 extra rectangles that are not used at all. Key included. Have fun!

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Tiffany Dawdy's lesson 'Got zeros? Polynomials do! Multiplicity of Zeros' Objective: Determine the degree of polynomial functions and understand the relationship between degree and end behavior of polynomial functions. • Write possible equations for a polynomial function, given information about its zeros. Big Idea: Students investigate the relationships of polynomial functions, their degree, end behaviors, zeros and x-intercepts.

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