Guided math can be beneficial but ONLY if you have expectations and structure for the kids! This board serves as a great visual! love that you can customize it to meet the needs of any classroom!

Math Rotations made easy

tons of ideas for math rotations.  Saving for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade

Math Rotations a Favorite Time of Day

Keep Calm and Teach On: What Worked.... and What Didn't
M.A.T.H. Workshop is my dream come joke. Since implementing this instructional framework in my second and third grade classes, my students are more engaged and independent, I spend less time prepping, and I have a better sense of where my students stand in their understanding of math concepts. Every math session is totally differentiated because students work through activities that meet their needs. M.A.T.H. (Meet with teacher, at your seat, technology, and hands on).

Differentiate Math Instruction With M.A.T.H. Workshop

Math Workshop Made Simple:  Math Rotations Explained!
I have attempted math rotations so many times over the years, but they never quite worked until I made one simple change...

Math TIME: Rotations At Their Pace

Detailed Differentiated Math Rotations explained with easy, organized…
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Meet Me At The Teacher Table

Math Group Rotations Made Easy- Why I'll Never Teach Whole Group Math | All About 3rd Grade
Daily 3 Rotation Posters in Bright Rainbow patterns are perfect for setting up you Daily 3 Math Rotations!!!