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Sassy tuxedo mask ... #SailorMoon

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Tuxedo Mask by ~DeargDoom on deviantART

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Tuxedo Mask

feel blessed to have met the original English dubbed voice actor of tuxedo mask this year <3

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, Tsukino Usagi, Chiba Mamoru

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21. I wish the episodes had magical portals so that I could travel into them •~•

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16 Times Anime Was So Real It Hurt

Sailor Moon - 16 Times Anime Was So Real It Hurt

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The simple lines of this tattoo make it feel so dainty. Also love the moon-flower combination.

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lol But seriously, I loved Tuxedo Mask because he was all "I'm going to give her a second from the fight to get her head straight, and then she'll handle this without me" He knew her strength, and he knew she didn't need him to finish her fights.

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Kaneki Ken X Tuxedo Mask..... wait WHAT?!

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