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A Greek Hellenistic gold pendant in the form of a wide moon crescent centered by a cabochon garnet surrounded by filigree spirals and petals, 1st century B.C.

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лунные цветы 01

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SIX ROMAN GOLD PENDANTS Circa 1st Century A.D. Each of hammered sheet joined to a ribbed suspension loop, their edges decorated with filigree wires, plain, beaded and spiral, some with additional granulated ornament, one with pale green heart-shaped glass in a toothed bezel; one with a temple door in filigree; one with pale blue crescent-shaped glass in a toothed bezel, an inverted pyramidal stack of granulation at each point; one embossed with two standing deities; one with a circular…

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Pendant - 11th century, Egypt

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Byzantine Gold and Garnet Earrings 5th-8th century AD . A pair of gold earrings each with suspension loop and elliptical plaque, cabochon garnet and granule starburst surrounding

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Carthaginian Gold Pendant, 7th-6th Century BCThe disk pendant composed of two pressed sheets and decorated in front in repoussé, applied elements, and granulation with two uraei flanking a domed element surmounted by a horned sun-disk, a winged sun-disk above, the ribbed suspension loop with beaded edges.

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A PAIR OF GREEK GOLD AND GARNET EARRINGS HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 2ND-1ST CENTURY B.C. Each with a plain hoop joined to a rosette centered by a bezel-set cabochon garnet, the sheet petals embellished with filigree, sheet cones suspended below ornamented with filigree tongues, capping a spherical garnet bead, an inverted granulated pyramid on the underside; joined to modern gold earwires

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A Hellenistic Gold Granulated Pendant, Eastern Mediterranean, ca 3rd - 1st century B.C

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