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Лондон В 19-м Веке

Золотые украшения из клада, обнаруженного в 19 веке на берегу Дуная.. 1600 - 1200 до н.э. Дунафёльдвар, Венгрия. Британский музей, Лондон.

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authentic viking jewellery - Google Search

st_pit 20-25 лет назад деревянные мостки настилали в республике Коми, я сам тогда работал в бригаде. И до момент как я это делал, это делали ежегодно. Конкретно в той…

Viking Wolf Dog Beast inspired from Cammin casket. written in Runes on it - "WHO LET THE DANES OUT" (lol!)

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10th century polish reenactment - Google Search

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Slavic symbolism - $th century AD vessel from Vojkovsk (on Dnieper) with calender-like symbols

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This cup is made after a 10th-11th century original found in Brül. It is completely handmade of the clay from the Rhineland that was traded to The Netherlands, Germany and Italy around the Middle Ages. The cup has a diameter of 39 cm and its height is 11 cm.

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Evil-Thwarting 'Rattles' Found in Prehistoric Infant's Grave

A figurine with a humanlike head and animal ears, found in the infant's burial, may represent a god that could have protected the baby from evil forces.<br />

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