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Старые мосты никогда не умирают, они просто переходят в другое состояние.После практически 100-летней службы, Бродвейский мост в Литл-Рок, штат Арканзас (США), был признан непригодным и «приго…

Paris, Arkansas visited there while driving to Florida. My Dad grew up here.

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Racist march, Митинг жителей города Литл-Рок против смешивания рас, США, 1961 год.

Daniel Sprick — известный американский художник. Он родился 1 мая 1953года в Литл-Рок, Арканзас. Образование получил в Mesa College, Grand

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Using photo composition, photoshop, and his expert image-manipulation skills, photographer and digital artist Adrian Sommeling creates surreal images featuring his son.

Man painted gold busted in I-80 hit-and-run in Richmond

A man covered in gold spray paint was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs in Richmond on Wednesday night after allegedly hitting three cars on Interstate 80 and leading California Highway Patrol officers on a brief chase before a wheel fell off his car, authorities said. An...

Ghost tour hearing moans in the graveyard were surprised to find a porn shoot instead

Elon Musk believes non-self-driving cars may one day be outlawed

Is it safer for a "two-ton death machine" to be driven by a computer or a human?No parece tan descabellado pensar que de aquí a 30 años los coches autodirigidos sean la norma y acaben relegando los vehículos pilotados por humanos a algo minoritario, clandestino o un entretenimiento restringido a circuitos, entornos concretos pensados para la conducción de recreo o ahí donde no llega la cobertura del autopiloto.

Demolition team dismantle Chinese hospital with patients & doctors inside © David Gray

Photo appears to reveal 'demon' watching over unborn baby


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