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When you start to recovering from narcissist abuse, you will change. You might freak everyone out. People who are used to the "old you" may be caught off guard. It allows you to set up boundaries and let others hold their own pain and anxiety instead of you taking it on for them. You become more assertive and confident. Allow this to happen. The dust will settle and everyone will adjust.

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This may describe the aftermath, but it is by no means the end of your story. Don't allow them so much space in your head or power over your future.


Milestones in Recovering from Narcissistic Abuse: Realizing I was targeted for my strengths, not my weaknesses. This was huge for me!


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I don't know which is worse, what I already knew, or the fact that people lurk.

I thought people like him were mythical creatures . Who wastes more energy being fake than actually developing as a person ?


Why would he want to ruin me?when you have two beautiful daughters who are witnesses to what you are doing to me;(


Please, empower yourself. I know it's tough, I've been there. Just look in the mirror everyday and tell that woman, no matter your age, that you deserve better because you are valuable. You are worthy of better treatment. Ignore anyone who tells you differently because they are the ones who are unworthy of YOU.


The Silent Treatment IS a form of emotional abuse. #relationships #abuse