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Its an old favourite of ours *smiles* Wanna share my coca cola with me Miss Pagan *smiles and kisses* <3 <3 <3

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Clexa fanart - The 100

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I know I never called you and I regret that I was just in a bad place when we met just getting out of a horrible 2 year relationship when school started and in no hurry to start another. Plus the fact I was being played by every other girl I knew at the time and I guess I played Ellie off to be with you I just wasn't ready to have a kid with someone I didn't know. Which I regret more than anything.

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#truecolors #lgbt: I'm a straight male, married 44 years, and strongly support gay marriage. I've seen parents talking their gay son into marrying a straight woman. It doesn't work. One marriage lasted six years. Leave people alone. Two gays getting married at the courthouse is none of my business, nor the business of churches or anyone else.

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So true yet why not

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and as long as we take turns. ♥

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Is it still raining, My Heart? Yes sweetie; it's raining stars.

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