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Лекарства для кошек и собак Если не принять профилактических мер, то естественно, что каждый раз выходя со своим питомцем на улицу, хозяин будет переживать за его защищённость от блох и клещей. Тогда к чему лишний раз себя беспокоить, если можно купить, к примеру, ошейник от блох для кошки и избавить, таким образом, её и себя от лишних проблем.

Dog and Cat Flea Remedies

Natural and healthy flea killer. Try spraying Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar to their fur after towel drying them! Fleas hate citrus! Plus it helps their coats :)

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Oh My Gluestick: Homemade DOG SCRUB flea treatment shampoo. DIY flea killer for pets: mix half a container of iodized salt & a few squirts of the blue Dawn dish soap to get the consistency of a good salt scrub. don't want it too runny or dry. Scrub pets, rinse, careful not to get in eyes. Dawn is the source of killing fleas. Massaging salt in the skin helps to kill flea eggs that were laid.

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Make a Lemon Flea Spray

Lemon flea spray Love this, it keeps fleas at bay, makes the dogs smell clean and we can spray it in the house cause it doesn't matter if it gets on the carpets or furniture. it's just lemon :)

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6 Best Dog Houses For Outdoors And Indoors -

Natural FLEA & TICK dogs have not had fleas all summer and I only used this spray once!!

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It's that time of year when all the little critters come out to play! Keep them away naturally with essential oils and avoid using harmful chemicals. Remedy Essential Oils also carries an all natural bug spray that is safe for use on kids and even great as flea and tick repellent for your dog!

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Homemade Flea shampoo, mix together and put in an old shampoo or squeeze bottle, massage in and it works great it left my pug's fur soft and fluffy, smells better than a store bought flea shampoo!

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Make Your Own Deodorizing Carpet Powder

I don’t do it very often…but sometimes it’s nice to boost the “clean smell” of the house by sprinkling the carpets with a little “carpet deodorant”. I can only imagine that if you had pets it would be more of a NECESSITY than a NICETY. But when I happened to look at my $5.00 container …

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Flea Prevention Dog Treats That Work Like A Charm

Natural+Flea+Remedies More

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Blue Suave Shampoo KILLS FLEAS ON CONTACT!!!!!! Instead of buying expensive flea products for pets. This works in seconds. I accidentally found this out pouring the shampoo on a saved puppy covered in fleas it killed all of them which were over 100 on the poor lil pup in literally seconds!! Thought id share!

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