This pin had some VERY creative & unique ideas for edging your gardens. There is more than one idea I'm going to put to use. I hope you find some great ideas for your garden! === Garden Edging – How To Do It Like A Pro

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Ландшафт в цветах: серый, темно-зеленый, сине-зеленый. Ландшафт в .

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Mom...I like the rock borders in these beds. What do you think for yours? I love this!

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mediterranean plants love stone and gravel mulch

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This fantastic style of natural edging involves a low line of tough plants whose borders give a soft and natural look to the garden.ProsPossess a soft and attractive lookMaintenance is easyConsUncontrollable weeds and grassObstructs mowing

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Бордюры – достойная окантовка и защита для дорожек

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Желтая окантовка на листьях

Ярко-желтая окантовка на листьях

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Бордюры - востребованные разновидности, технология укладки - Дом и стройка - Статьи - FORUMHOUSE

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charming, irresistable style in this elevation.

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