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Homemade Garlic Pizza Bagel Bites

Jalapeno Popper Bagel Bites

Jalapeño Popper Bagel Bites

Breakfast Bagel Bites  - Delish.com

Breakfast Bagel Bites

Pepperoni Bagel Bites Pizzas via @ohsweetbasil

Pepperoni Bagel Bites Pizzas

Homemade Mini Pizza Bagels (they are way better than the frozen kind!) - Six Sisters' Stuff

Mini Pizza Bagels

BBQ Pizza Bagel Bites Snack Recipe | The Jenny Evolution

BBQ Pizza Bagel Bites

Cream Cheese-Stuffed Bagel Bites
Pizza Bagels! Quick, easy version if you don't have dough on hand!

How to Make Pizza Bagels (aka hot weather pizza

Philly Cheesesteak Bagel Bites

Philly Cheesesteak Bagel Bites Are Basically A Party On A Plate

Cream Cheese Stuffed Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bagel Bites via Deliciously Yum!