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Litter box cover from 2 IKEA side tables and fabric! This is a great DIY for cats, better than traditional covered boxes because it doesn't have plastic on the sides, which can trap odors and make some cats reluctant to use the box as often as they should.


Tails to Tell: Reclaimed Pallet Wood Litter Box Bench

Great litterbox idea for large cat


Another genius idea. We could make this with any trunk. Just lift the lid to scoop. I love it! And what a great place to store the scoop and litter out of site.


Make your own cat litter box cover. We have to do this for Mischief in our new house!


10 Amazing IKEA Hacks Your Pet Will Absolutely Love

A creative IKEA hack is repurposing a STUVA BETSAD into a DIY kitty litter box cover/end table.


Litter box hidden in Ikea furniture.


No Place for a Litter Box? Create a Kitty Corner

Litter boxes aren't typically design elements in home decor. This smart and stylish solution, however, hides the box in plain sight — and looks great, too! 1. Gather a basic side table, some twisted jute rope, a short tension rod, and two window valances. 2. Wrap the rope around the table's front legs to cover them and create a DIY scratching post. 3. Put the valances on the tension rod and secure it at the top of the table's legs. 4. Slide your kitty's litter box into the space under…


Pet Furniture Litter Box Covers:

Great infographic from feline behaviorist Marilyn Krieger shows 5 simple steps to avoiding litter box problems!