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Fire Crackers

Fire Crackers Recipe - 1 box saltines, 1 1/4 cup canola oil, 2 Tblsp crushed red pepper, 1 pkt ranch dressing, 1/2 tsp garlic.

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I'm really really sorry to do this to you. It's really not fair of me to post something so ridiculously addicting. These Fire Crackers...

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Fire Crackerz {Football Friday}

Fire Crackerz {Football Friday} _ This a variation on my favorite Ranch Oyster Crackers. I swapped out the oyster crackers for Cheez-Its and added some red pepper flakes for a little heat. These were fantastic!

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These put the crack in crackers!

I've been looking for a recipe for this cracker treat. One person described them as "Firecrackers". I prefer 2-3 bags of oyster crackers, SO EASY, no worries about breaking. I have also tried this with 2-3 bags of pretzels, too. SO GOOD. Oh I added some cayenne to the mix for extra heat. (I have doubled up or more on crackers, I didn't like my crackers saturated in the oil, just a coating for the pepper to stick.) ENJOY

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Alabama Firecracker

Firecrackers!!! You can vary the amount of red pepper flakes from 2-5 tbs, depending on the level of heat you desire. Also, I reduced the amount of oil to 1 cup, and combined oyster crackers with mini saltines.

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Texas Firecracker Saltines Ingredients: 3 sleeves of Saltines 1 c. of olive oil 1 envelope of ranch dressing mix 1 Tbsp. garlic powder 2 Tbsp. red pepper flakes 1-gallon ziploc bag Instructions: Put the sleeves of crackers in the Ziploc bag. Mix oil, pepper and garlic power in container that can pour (I use my pyrex measuring cup) Pour mix over crackers and swish around a bit. Lay flat for 20 minutes. Flip bag for another 20 minutes. Maybe flip again twice, in 15-minutes intervals, or just…

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Firecracker Crackers

Firecracker Crackers There are many different versions made with any kind of basic cracker--saltines, Ritz, Townhouse, Club. Add paprika for even more flavor and color.

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New Firecracker recipe, 8 cups crackers (Cheese It's; white & yellow cheese, mini saltines, & oyster cracker), 1 cup dry roasted peanuts, mix in a large sealable bowl. Mix in another bowl 3/4 cup canola oil, 1 pkg dry Ranch Dressing, 2 Tsp crushed red peppers and 2 dashes hot sauce. Pour over crackers, toss several times over the next 2-3 hrs. Ready to eat!!! Stays good for several weeks in a airtight container.

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Baked Firecracker Chicken

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Redneck Firecrackers most of a box of mini club, most of a box of cheeze its, most of a box of mini saltines... mix together in a huge bowl. in a smaller bowl, mix together... 1 cup of canola oil 2 packets of Ranch dressing mix 1 tsp garlic powder 3 tablespoons of red pepper flakes pour over crackers & let them soak for a few hours or overnight.

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