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American Bobtail kitten! What a cutie! I love the lynx tipping on the ears and longer cheek fur, it really gives the cat a wild look. (Kind of a relief to know that their short tail is due to their genetics, and not docking.)

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kurilian bobtail | kurilian_bobtail3

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This is the most gorgeous coloring i've ever seen on a cat !!! Beauty !!!

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Five Fun Facts About the Manx Cat

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Pennywise the tortoiseshell manx cat

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manx cats | The Manx Cat - Cat Breeds Encyclopedia

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This looks just like my first Manx kitten Zekey :)

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Manx cats have different tail lengths like stumpy and rumpy!

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Cat Breeds: The Manx Cat

Is a Manx Cat for you? Read more....

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The friendly, affectionate Manx, who hails from the Isle of Man, is best known for his taillessness. He has a solid body, round head, widely spaced ears, large, round eyes and a thick coat that comes in many colors and patterns, including tabby, tortoiseshell and calico. The Cymric (pronounced kim-rick) is the longhaired variety of the Manx. Other than coat length, the two breeds are identical.

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