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Вечеринка в питерском клубе Космонавт, cтавшая финальным аккордом кампании «Голосуй за низкие цены». Специально для этого события мы подготовили несколько интерактивных элементов оформления сцены и пространства клуба. По всему клубу были установлены бочки-телепорты — соединенные попарно видеопорталы. Заглянув в одну бочку, можно было увидеть заглядывающих в другую. Видео со всех бочек также использовалось в оформлении аудиореактивного задника — таким образом, любой и…


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Gorgeous Deep Sea Room Activated by Movement

Swimming in a glowing, underwater sea of jellyfish would be a really beautiful experience. But, with limited access to the deep sea, this interactive installation by artist Takahiro Matsuo could be considered a backup to that kind of actual encounter.


(interview excerpt) -What are you trying to portray in your latest piece with Kuedo? The visual project with Kuedo is first and foremost about capturing the experience of Kuedo's music and translating this into physical space; creating a new world for the audience and him to share for the length of his set. In doing this the idea was never to create a literal translation, or beat-driven visual experience. Rather it was about a complete immersion in the music and a non-intrusive, ...

Imaginex lit up the main stage for Equinox Music Festival with massive visuals, lights, and custom fabrication. The stage, inspired by the shape of a diamond, stood 22' wide and 12' tall. We then wrapped 12,000 lumens of HD visuals, including unique audio-generative animations and live mixing, around the widescreen structure. Visuals and lights were collectively programmed to connect the producer's and DJ's music with our visuals and lights. Equinox Music Festival ...

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V-MIRROR | Vitalic FlashMob Tour

Concept for the main hangar stage on the Fusion Festival 2013. The object accurately fitting into the very special location. The shapes of the mounted sculpture are precisely designed for the projection. Together with the projected light the sculpture transformed the hangar into a visionary cosmos of poetic imagery. During the concerts the hangar stage was been illuminated by a vast VJ live show. After the last concert the hangar changed in to an audiovisual installation. Light and sound…

1 *** For his newest musical project, Trent Reznor put his trust again in Moment Factory for the first tour of How To Destroy Angels (HTDA). Their tour stopped in Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto and at the Coachella Music Festival. The public saw an innovative and dynamic set design created under the guidance of the band’s vision and in collaboration with Rob Sheridan (HTDA & Nine Inch Nails art director)


Tipper featuring Android Jones live at Infrasound Festival in May 2013. music by Tipper visuals by Android Jones video by Andrew J. O'Keefe II

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ZonoraPoint ZPlus - Face Projection Mapping

Direccion: Nicolas Lopez ( ChicleClip ) Humanos: ZonoraPoint Mapping y Dirección de Arte: Andrés Terrisse Edicion: Andrés Terrisse Assets: Nicolas Quiroz