Queen Margrethe of Denmark: A smoke and a drink

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Королевские драгоценности Марии-Антуанетты, Франция, 1830 г.

A complete parure made of rare pink coral, known as “angels skin coral” because of its translucent appearance. It is carved with sea horses, mermaids, dolphins, and shells, attached to a gold framework

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lalique opal jewelry | Marie Poutine's Jewels & Royals: A Rainbow Myriad of Opals

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This Berlin tiara made of iron was a specialty of German foundries starting in 1804. In 1813, to finance the War of Liberation from Napoleon’s armies, German women donated their gold jewelery in exchange for iron ornaments. This parure holds cameos of classical themes and is now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It was made c. 1810.

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Stunning Silver Plated 2 1/2" Royal Wedding or Quinceanera Tiara - Affordable Elegance Bridal -

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Empress Elizaveta Petrovna was the daughter of Peter the Great, and ruled the Russian Empire for twenty years (1741-1762). Although she took the throne through a palace coup, her rule of the country was mild and allowed Russia to prosper in the arts and education. Her pro-Russian domestic policies increased the presence of the Russian nobility in the government. She also defeated the strongest warrior of Europe at the time, the Prussian king Frederick II, but died before her victory could be…

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Королевские драгоценности - Страница 40

Angela de Las Navas, Duchess of Medinaceli, wearing the Medinaceli Ducal Tiara (ruby setting), Spain (mid 19th c.; rubies, diamonds).

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#АКЦИИ_МОРЕ_ЧАЯ ❗️С 1 по 29 февраля месяц торговой марки «Шери» в магазинах «Море чая». При покупке трех любых чаев «Шери» на сумму от 900 рублей, подарочная жестяная банка Шери 100 гр. из коллекции «Королевские драгоценности» в подарок! Совершайте покупки в течение месяца, сохраняйте чеки и получайте подарки! #моречая #магазинчая #чайныймагазин #чайспб #акции #скидки #моречаяакции

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