Keep ants off humming bird feeders Smear ring of vicks around pole. Ants won"t cross it and last even in rain! This works!!! Please pin and share. No more fancy gadgets to buy that don't work and makes refilling feeders easy and ant free. Best thing I ever descovered for hummingbirds

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Glass and copper Hummingbird feeder. See more hummingbird feeders

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~Hummingbird food~ 4 cups water & 1 cup sugar. Bring water to a boil, add sugar and stir until dissolved. Allow to cool. Once cooled fill feeder.

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This links to a site that sells ~Hummingbird Feeders~, it actually has quite a variety and this design appears to be sold out when I clicked through (9/8/15)

This is the coolest hummingbird feeder.

How to keep humming bird feeders clean and healthy for the birds, or else they can get a fatal disease!!

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With hummingbird feeders and fuschias?

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DIY hummingbird nectar is so easy to make and less expensive than store bought.

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The Kennedy Feeder - I love hummers. Might try this beautiful feeder.

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DIY Home Made Hummingbird Nectar#/1667164/diy-home-made-hummingbird-nectar?&_suid=137169699260501840753828920068

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