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19th Century Sailing Photos | Sea Warfare in the 17th, 18th and 19th century - Page 2

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Incredible collection of photographs charting a century of shipwrecks

Sinking: A British built iron sailing barque, The Cromdale, ran into Lizard Point, the most southerly point of British mainland, in thick fog. The three-masted ship was on a voyage from Taltal, Chile to Fowey, Cornwall with a cargo of nitrates. There were no casualties but within a week the ship had been broken up completely by the sea.


Кораблекрушение. «Я не знаю, что происходит, но кота однозначно надо спасать!»

Wreck of the Glenesslin || 1st October 1913 Approaching the Columbia River for a cargo of wheat, The Glenesslin was sighted under full sail on a calm sea and in perfect visibility, standing in dangerously close to the Oregon coast. With no apparent effort to change course, the vessel crashed head-on into the rocks at the base of Mt. Neah-Kah-Nie. A line was taken from the ship by people on shore, all hands left the ship safely, but none of them seemed able to satisfactorily explain the…


Башня. Кораблекрушение. 1847 - Айвазовский

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Кораблекрушение Космического корабля со Свинкой Пеппой в грузовом отсеке

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