В 2015 году на Женевском международном автосалоне компания Rolls-Royce представила роскошный седан Phantom в эксклюзивном исполнении Serenity (англ. безмятежность).
21/11/2013 - Fameed Khalique Pearl Embroidery
Middle Eastern Moorish walnut settee with spindle and ball design and pearl inlay with triple arch open design back with woven fabric seat (19th Cent.)
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Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts | Jennuine Life: My Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

My Too Cool T-shirt Quilt

Gorgeous dress detail embellishment.
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Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014  To see how these pieces are made--those little squares are concrete, hand-stitched and beaded--go to the chanel.com website and view the short film on the making of this collection.  Astounding.

Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2014

Istanbul Fall 2015 Özgür Masur