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Team Rocket trio Meowth/James/Jessie (Pokemon)

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Happy ending - 9GAG

Happy ending

Happy ending - 9GAG

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Keep Calm and Prepare for Trouble. | Photographic Print

Don't forget to make it double!

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Meowth from Pokemon and Team Rocket

Meowth from Pokemon and Team Rocket

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I ship Ash and Misty much more than they intended for me to. Seriously. THEY ARE SO PERFECT. I love when they hold hands! :)

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Pokemon Gifs Gotta Pin'em All!

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For the Mystic members here Blanche gets serious.

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Pokemon The Movie: Giratina and The Sky Warrior (DVD)

This exciting POKEMON adventure follows Ash and his friends into the mysterious realm of Reverse World, an alternate dimension that reflects and distorts the normal one. While they initially set out t

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Pokemon giggles

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